9 dec. 2014

Gothtune podcast-28 at Mixcloud

01 - Gothtune - Jingle
02 - Foghorn Lonesome - Always The Undertow
03 - Sofia Insomnia - Fuego Sagrado
04 - Canary oh Canary - Catholic
05 - The Shallow Graves - In My Hands
06 - New Model Army - Angry Planet
07 - Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Beautiful
08 - Descendants Of Cain - Divine Parasite
09 - Carnival Star - Union City Blue (Blondie Cover) Vocals Allegra Lusini
10 - Static Scene - Eye for an Eye
11 - Faces Of Sarah - Behind Dead Eyes
12 - Double Eyelid - Seven Years
13 - Masquerade - All Things Hurt

3 dec. 2014

The Horror Vacui – Return of the Empire

Horror Vacui released their second full album, “Return of the Empire” in october 2014. It is a very good continuing of their debute “In Darkness You Will Feel Alright”, that came out 2012.

This album feels a bit more punk-rock / hardcore attitude, but still got a gothic rock style. The most of the songs goes very fast forward, “till the Last Drop” is kind of slower. They have succeded in to bring up the production and sound quality, but still kept their punkrock attitude.

As I said, this is a great second album and I think everyone who liked their first album should check this out. If you found Horror Vacui by this release, then check out their first album.
This is an album that also getting better and better each time I listen on it.

I like the most of the songs, can´t really tell what is my favorite but I think “Light of Darkness” is kind of outstanding and different from the other tracks on this album. Great album, recommend!

Orginal posted at Dark Reviews

22 nov. 2014

El Clan – Caronte

This album is awesome, I guess this can be one of my favorite albums this year.
El Clan is from Mexico and they are not newbie within the gothic scene. Their first album release were back in 1994 and in 2009 another album were reviewed by the Rolling Stone Magazine Mexico as one of the top 10 best in Latin America.

I have heard them before, actually played a song on our show Gothtune. What I felt speciall with the band is that they have some kind of unpredicted crazy genes inside their music.
The new album Caronte released in november 2014 has a great produced sound and very well preformed. They still got their style, unpredicted. It is kind of a blend between gothic rock and something progressive. You find a bit of everything, from Lacrimossa to Devil Doll and Fields of the Nephilim and Heroes del Silencio. And that describsion, include madness.

Some songs are written in spanish / latin and sometimes they sing in english. I do not pick any favorite songs from this album, I think everything sounds great. Enjoy!

10 nov. 2014

El Clan - La Tortura (Live)

This song is taken from their album Sin sentir (2012).
El Clan released a new album 2014, Caronte

Booking: contacto@elclan.org.mx
Legendary and mysterious Rock band that impacted the Mexican rock scene back in the 90’s.

Legendary and mysterious Rock band that impacted the Mexican rock scene back in the 90’s, a band who were 2nd place in the notorious national Battle of the Bands II contest from Mexico City, after this event took place EL CLAN was given support and numerous comments from the press and media, EL CLAN was labeled for many people like the first band who started and represented the Dark scene...

ELCLAN es una banda de rock directa, visceral, dura, áspera, misteriosa, triste y casi siempre, por naturaleza, oscura. Direct, visceral, rough, mysterious, sad, dark: a symbiont of gothic music with hard rock attitude.

El Clan at Facebook
Recorded by Carrera Films:

We have asked the band El Clan to reupload this video to GothtuneTV channel.
Join us on Facebook:

9 nov. 2014

Kalt – The Invisible

Kalt is a one- man project by Mike York from Germany, a former member of Garden of Delight. His album The Invisible is the third or forth? released november 2014. The sound of The Invisible give me very much vibes of Love Like Blood´s midtime in the 90´s.

It sounds very good, no bigger hits for the easy listeners. It is much influenses from gothic rock, but the drums have more like a metal sound, and that sounds awesome. Some of the guitars are also more heavier metal-sound, but mostley with a gothic rock theme, great riffs with melodies.

All songs on this album are namned with two sentence, and the first always start with a The, interesting. Some of my favorite songs: The Mother, The Sister, The Brother and The Zombies. And the track, The Life, more a ballad is also awesome.

This kind of albums and music, good produced as this album is rare today. If you are into the german era of the 90´s gothic rock with bands like Love Like Blood, Garden of Delight, Secret Discovery I think this is something you should check out.

Dark Reviews
Kalt - Facebook
Kalt - Homepage

2 nov. 2014

Gothtune playlist at Spotify 2013

This is a playlist of the songs we played at Gothtune podcast 2013. It is not all songs because everything can not be found at Spotify. However, it is 103 song and over 8 hours with music, enjoy!

22 okt. 2014

New video at GothtuneTV: Sister Ex- Pretty Face


“Sugar and spice with very sharp knives” might be an appropriate way to describe the the songs of Claudia Neuman, singer for Sister Ex, a Baltimore- Washington D.C.- based indie punk outfit. Failed Buddhist monks, minimum-wage management wannabes
and abused six year olds are just some of the characters that inhabit the band’s self-titled debut release.

“These lives seem to come out of the air and land on my page” says Neuman, a Los Angeles native and an Anusara Yogi. “ But from my experience these stories ring true, we meet these people every day”.

Sister Ex played their first show in 2008, and became known for their raucous full-out high tempo sonic assault while still receiving raised eyebrows at some punk rock shows.

In 2010, after a few changes in personnel, veteran D.C. area bassist Jeff Wesolowski came on board and drummer Johnny Black joined to complete the current Sister Ex lineup. The
band recorded their self-titled debut release in the winter of 2011.

Sister Ex will be performing select dates on the East Coast throughout the year in support of the record.


The band’s sound has been likened to a mashup of The Clash, Patti Smith and Crazy Horse, with a hint of Gang of Four and the Buffalo Springfield.

“We’re really old-school punk which to me means the ethos of being original, having our own sound, so we would always be the oddball group on some of those bills.” says
Anthony Piazza, the band’s guitarist “We try not to re-stomp that same old ground.”


29 aug. 2014

Gothtune Podcast #27

Gothtune Podcast #27 can now be found and listen to over itunes. You can also listen to it at onairtunes.com.

Para Bellvm - Убейте Цезаря (Kill the Caesar)
Cinemascope - Sounds of Revelation
Digital Morning - Wanderers Will Wander
Johnathan Christian - Goodbye Horses
Carnival Star - The Drowning Man (The Cure Cover) Vocals Zach Wiser
Aurelio Voltaire - Raised By Bats
Umbra Et Imago - Radiosong
The Nine Tears - Age Sex Place
Deine Lakaien - Farewell
The Nightchild - Im Not Afraid of This
The Danse Society - Message in the Wind
Soviet X-Ray Record Club - Never Enough
Tyburn Saints - With the Night in Our Eyes
dIRECT ATTACK - Amazing Grace

21 aug. 2014

Foghorn Lonesome - Always The Undertow

New video uploaded to Gothtune´s videochannel.

This is Foghorn Lonesome's first music video, featuring videos submitted from people all over the world.Foghorn Lonesome is a music project by sole member Eric Sparkwood. The music is a mixture of synth, darkwave, goth and more. Twelve songs are available on SoundCloud and the goal is to eventually release an album.

Music, lyrics, vocals, keyboards, programming by Eric Sparkwood.
Engineered and produced by Tomas Rosenberg, Eric Sparkwood.
Video edited by Eric Sparkwood.



Instagram: foghornlonesome

17 aug. 2014

The Exploding Boy - Scared To Death

New video uploaded to Gothtune video channel at youtube. This is The Exploding Boy from Sweden with their song Scared To Death.

https://www.facebook.com/theexplodingboysweden https://soundcloud.com/the-exploding-boy

14 juni 2014

Carnival Star – Era Sessions EP

Era Sessions EP is Carnival Stars second release, and behind this project or band is ProducerMark from Scottland. The idea behind Carnival Star is to cooperate with other bands and musicians around the world. ProducerMark is the person, like the spider in the web who produce and write the music and connect the songs with the people out there. Some of the guitars on this album is played by Liquid Grey and bas Cruel Britannia.

Era Sessions EP is a tribute to bands from the past, it is a record filled with five different covers and finally a remix by Cruel Britannia of Union City Blue (Blondie). On this EP we can find ProducerMark and five different personalities around the world, contribute by singing and playing.

Union City Blue by Blondie, now vocals by Allegra Lusini from Italy.
Velveteen by Rose Of Avalanche, ProducerMark sings on this one.
Walk Away by Sisters Of Mercy, now vocals by Liquid Grey from Norway.
The Drowning Man by The Cure, now vocals by Zach Wiser who is a member of The Secret Post.
What Difference Does It Make by The Smiths, now vocals by Captain T from The Sovran.

It is a nice production of classical songs in a new package. I think this is something that everyone should check out. My favorite songs here are Velveteen and The Drowning Man.

And, don´t forget to check out Carnival Stars single, with My Coreen and Black Rain Down. Released in the end of 2013.

13 juni 2014

The One2s - Any Other Time But Now

New upload to GothtuneTV channel.

Consisting of members of Leiana (EMI) and Big Crowd Popular, The One2s create a shoegaze, brit-pop, punk influenced sound all their own.



8 juni 2014

Gothtune Podcast #26

Gothtune Podcast #26 is up at onairtunes and itunes. You can also hear it over Deadair Radio.

01 - Gothtune - Jingle
02 - Reptyle - Morning heir
03 - Carnival Star - Velveteen (Rose of Avalanche Cover)
04 - Liquid Grey - Dance Alone
05 - Horror Vacui - 5000
06 - Big Bug - Basement Stairs
07 - The Stompcrash - Love From Hell
08 - Gazar Strips - Sparking
09 - The Lake - Wingless and Earthbound
10 - La Ciencia - Ofelia
11 - The One2s - Any Other Time
12 - Death Party UK - The Cars of Life
13 - Passion Slaves - Mortal Coils (Demo)
14 - Still Patient? - All Is Well
15 - Swans - Screen Shot

Listen here!

5 juni 2014

Liquid Grey - Hunger

New music video by Liquid Grey - Hunger is uploaded to Gothtune TV channel at Youtube. This song is taken from Liquid Greys new album Arsenic Dreams.

31 maj 2014

Reptyle – Night and the river

The German Gothic Rock band Reptyle formed 1998 and now they released their third full length album, Night And The River. Ten songs for about 50 minutes.
I always had a passion for bands from Germany, especially in the 90´s era. I think there is something different in their musical influences, they can do weird stuff with a twist, especially when it comes to music. And Night And The River is a crazy record that takes you for a journey with a musical discovery. I would category this album as a Heavy Progressive Gothic Rock album. Yes, their music is progressive and the songs are not built up in traditional orders. It reminding me of the 80´s when I were much into German Thrash Metal, but this is not Metal, it is Gothic Rock with a twist, and it is fantastic.

Reptyle brings something new to Gothic Rock, a progressive version who might be hard for some folks to take. And there is a punk / hardcore attitude, especially in the vocals. I fell in love with many of their songs at once. However, this album takes or need more than one time to listen to. And it is a grooving album, and those used to stays for a longer time in my speakers.

The track Ways Of Fate is instrumental and more than 6 minutes long. Here they mix a kind of abstract guitar riff together with very melodic line with much atmosphere. It is a very progressive track where Reptyle really show that they also are great musicians.

I think it is a great record. One of the better releases for a long time. Reptyle have brought something specially to the Gothic scene, they got their own style and I hope they keep it into the future too. Some of my favorite songs, Morning Heir, Night And The River, Rose Imperial, Pictures That Stay.

Taken from Dark Reviews

18 maj 2014

Video: Carnival Star - Velveteen

Taken from the "Era Sessions EP" - Velveteen is one of five covers featuring 5 bands and 5 albums from the late 70's and early 80's.

The EP features vocalists and musicians from various countries. Released as a tribute to those bands and musicians who remain a strong influence in the music of others around the world.


"Just heard Carnival Star's cover of one of my old songs. At first I thought it was the fucking original..."

"Carnival Star's version of Velveteen evoked an epoch of good memories that I had almost forgotten... The song was born from one of my simple chord sequence that was meant to go round and round and hypnotise the listener. Live it grew to become a real corker!
Cheers Carnival Star for the trip!"

Paul James Berry 2014
Founder & Guitarist - The Rose of Avalanche




The "Era Sessions EP" was recorded in various countries around the world with various musicians taking part during a five month period.

Scotland, England, Italy, Norway & USA to be exact.

The original concept behind recording these covers was simply for entertainment and to take a break from the recording and writing of the original album material for future release.

However, it soon became clear that the fun was producing some interesting results and that these tracks should go out for free as a tribute to the bands that many of us in Carnival Star regard as influences and inspirations to all of our music.

Staying true to the arrangements of the originals, our aim was to simply take the tracks and produce an EP that we enjoyed making and performing.
released 11 May 2014
Recorded in Scotland, England, Italy, Norway & USA

Union City Blue (Blondie Cover) - Vocals Allegra Lusini - Written by Nigel Harrison / Debbie Harry
Velveteen (Rose of Avalanche Cover) - Vocals ProducerMark - Written by Paul J. Berry / Glenn Schultz / Philip Morris
Walk Away (Sisters of Mercy Cover) - Vocals Liquid Grey - Written by Andrew Eldritch / Wayne Hussey
The Drowning Man (The Cure Cover) - Vocals Zach Wiser (The Secret Post) - Written by Laurence Tolhurst / Robert Smith / Simon Gallup
What Difference Does It Make (The Smiths Cover) - Vocals Captain T (The Sovran) - Written by Johnny Marr / Morrissey

Bonus Track - UCB Cruel Brit Mix - Vocals Allegra Lusini - Written by Nigel Harrison / Debbie Harry - Re-mixed by Cruel Britannia

Music recorded and performed by ProducerMark
Co-produced by Liquid Grey
Remote Engineered by Cruel Britannia
Vocals recorded on location by the performers

Additional Guitars Liquid Grey
Bass Guitar Cruel Britannia

Artwork - A Self Portrait - original art by Natassa Dialisma /Greece

Special thanks to all those who took part and also to those who didn't but played a vital part : Daniel Dante (Madness of the Night) - Paul B Blues (OnAir Tunes) - Ann Marie Papanagnostou (Fourculture) - Marc Joy (Ear to Ear Records) - Vru Patel (Solarein) - Shauna McLarnon (Ummagma)

16 maj 2014

Liquid Grey - Arsenic Dreams

A new review is up at Dark Reviews, this time it is Liquid Grey´s new album Arsenic Dreams. Read more about this here!

11 maj 2014

Carnival Star - Era Sessions

Today Carnival Star release a new EP with 6 covers of different classical song from the past.


1. Union City Blue (Blondie Cover) - ftr. Allegra Lusini
2. Velveteen (Rose of Avalanche Cover) - ftr. ProducerMark
3. Walk Away (Sisters of Mercy Cover) - ftr. Liquid Grey
4. The Drowning Man (The Cure Cover) - ftr. Zach Wiser (The Secret Post)
5. What Difference Does It Make (The Smiths Cover) - ftr. Cpt. T (The Sovran)
6. Bonus Track - UCB Cruel Brit Mix - ftr. Allegra Lusini

Free Download

10 maj 2014

Death Party UK- A Lady In Black

Uploaded to Gothtune TV at youtube. Death Party UK - A Lady In Black.

Death Party UK is an official side project I put together after I decided to put Midnight Configuration on hold for an indefinite period of time.
Throughout the years of me running Midnight Configuration, and before that when I was the guitarist in Every New Dead Ghost. Every now and again whilst working on tracks, I would come up with a riff that did not fit into the MC and ENDG musical paradigms. These riffs were from way back in my dark subconscious and reflected my "other" set of influences that included:
The Gun Club, The Cramps, Captain Beefheart, Neil Young, The Hunters Club, The Bomb Party, Johnny Cash, The Birthday Party etc,etc and at those times, I could do nothing with them.
However, as the years went by these riffs and ideas stewed and simmered, mutated and grew stronger and stronger until in August 2011 I set them free in the Nightbreed recording studio and the digital only release (release date 29.11.11) "The Black Train EP " was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.
I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the darker roots of rock n roll and stay with me for further evil riffs and beats to come forth in the near future.
There will be more..........


Lakes - Blood of the Grove

A new review is up at Dark Reviews page, it is Lakes album Blood of the Grove, free streaming. Check it out here!

30 apr. 2014

Gothtune Podcast #25

Gothtune Podcast #25 is now up at onairtunes.com


01 - Gothtune - Jingle
02 - The Stompcrash - Bloodnever
03 - Peter Murphy - Hang Up
04 - Opera Multi Steel - A L'Extrême Veille D'Un Novembre Imminent
05 - Lithos Sarcophagos - End Of Time
06 - Ski Patrol - Extinguish
07 - Death Party UK - Bad Moon Rising
08 - Into The Mist - Her Crown Of Thorns
09 - Ascetic - I Burn
10 - La Metamorfosi - Goodbye
11 - Infidel - Crimson (demo)
12 - Temple - We Walk
13 - The Spiritual Bat - So Proud
14 - The Whip Hand - Eleven
15 - dIRECT ATTACK - Mary Had a Vision of the Virgin Mary
16 - The Exploding Boy - Dark City Pt.II
16 - Secret Discovery - Ask Your God

21 apr. 2014

Gothtune Podcast #24 at mixcloud

Gothtune Podcast #24 can now be found at mixcloud.com, where you can stream and embed it ect.

Gothtune podcast-24 - 2014 by Gothtune on Mixcloud

01 - Gothtune - Jingle
02 - Still Patient? - Anavryn II
03 - Abderian - Fall of Taurus
04 - Ascetic - Uroboros (Up From Eden)
05 - Lithos Sarcophagos - The Circle
06 - Foghorn Lonesome - Mariana
07 - Astari Nite - Violently We Try
08 - Order of Isaz - Spirit (Dead Can Dance Cover)
09 - The Webb - Little Pieces
10 - Marqay - West tonight
11 - Madness of the Night - Jävla Zigenare
12 - My Terminal And The Trip - Dreams Hopes And Visions
13 - Laibach - Eurovision
14 - Antonius Rex - Per Viam

19 apr. 2014

Carnival Star - Black Rain Down

With guest lead guitar and backing vocal from Liquid Grey, who adds some real depth and darkness to the overall sound of the track, Carnival Star's "Black Rain Down" is one of the first two releases from Halloween 2013

Released 31 October 2013
Written and Recorded by Carnival Star.
Music and Vocal - ProducerMark.
Lead Guitar and Backing Vocal - Liquid Grey.

Download or Purchase from Bandcamp

Find out more at:

Reverb Nation


"Black Rain Down gives a respectful nod to the point where post-punk and goth were at its peak, replete with 21st Century polish and drive.
Reminiscent of The Nephilim before they became The Nefilim and The Cult before they became The Rolling Stones."
- DJ Cruel Britannia

"A song that's got the gothic sound down to a tee, from the intro of hushed vocal before it bursts into an impressive little rock number. An excellent song! Overall, these are two very good songs and if you like HIM, The Mission or the afore mentioned Sisters Of Mercy you will like Carnival Star"
- Mark Sharpley - Fourculture Magazine

Release Artwork by Natassa D. from her "Distortion" collection.


Why did you say that the way was clear,
And tell me tales that would well the tears.
When the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Why did you want me to lie and steal,
To take your place on your Catherine Wheel.
When the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Down Down Down Down Down Down,
No No No No No I don't wanna know.

See them drowning,
False Kings they're crowning,
In their black rain - Black Rain Down.

When they said they were taller than god,
Did they know it was written in blood.
In the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Damn the dark pain,
Bring the heart shame,
In the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Read an interview we made with Carnival Star over onairtunes.com

12 apr. 2014

Opera Multi Steel - Mauvais Oeil

Official OMS video clip directed by Alan Cassiano (2013)
Based on paintings and engravings by Etienne Azambre (1859-1933) and other french anonymous sulpician painters.
"Mauvais Oeil" is taken from the forthcoming OPERA MULTI STEEL album "Mélancolie en prose to be released on Wave Records.

Review for Opera Multi Steels album Apparences De L'Invisible:

11 apr. 2014

Ascetic: - I Burn

Director/Editing - Jamie Helmer.
D.O.P - Shaun Thatcher
Concept/Art Direction - August Skipper, Saxon Jörgensen, Vijay Sing, Jamie Helmer
Special thanks to Jenny Atwood for her immaculate performance.

Exploring themes of union and dissociation, impossibly forgotten moments, process become form, ASCETIC:


Drawn from a collective obsession with fringe philosophy and post-new-age consciousness, Self Initiation evokes the moods & spaces of 4AD's early roster (Swans, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins), with a nod to contemporaries The Soft Moon, Factory Floor & Portishead's 'Third'. Thick pulsing rhythms erupt into glorious, cascading conclusion; from narcissistic rants, to sickly crooned anthems; from the outer regions of reality to the depths of the subconscious, a white shadow emerging from the process: ASCETIC.
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Birdland by Lindsay Gravina & Rob Long (HTRK, New War, Rowland S. Howard, Hungry Ghosts).
Ascetic: - Self Initiation will be released worldwide through OSCL Records on March 4th, 2013.

6 apr. 2014

Opera Multi Steel – Apparences De L’Invisible (2014)

Opera Multi Steel is a band from France who recently had their 30 year anniversary as a band. Honestly, this is something new for me, first time I heard them was for some months ago when I played one of their track “mauvais Oeil” over Gothtune Podcast #20, taken from their album “Mélancolie En Prose” 2013.

However, I listen to their new album Apparences De L’Invisible, released 31 of mars 2014 and found it very interesting. I gave it some time, and I think I needed it because they are kind of different. They describe themselves as Darkwave / Cold Wave, I think I can find some Neofolk and New Wave inside this too. Sometimes they reminded me as a blend of old Dead Can Dance and Joy Division. The lyrics are on french and they play alot with their voices, like doing canons ect.

My favorite songs are track 3, “A L’Extrême Veille D’Un Novembre Imminent” and track 7, “Infini Sidéral”.

This video "Jardin Botanique" is from 1984,


30 mars 2014

Lithos Sarcophagos - The Circle

Lithos Sarcophagos is a one man project by Daniel Dante. He is a member of the swedish Gothic Rock band Madness of the Night and an ex member of Soulgrinder.

Lithos Sarcophagos started 2013 with the idea to make something more dark, traditional Gothic Rock with a blend of Black/Doom Metal. 26 of Januari 2014 there was the first release, the ep Myself - MMXIV. It include four track done from scratch by DIY (do it yourself) idea.

The ep Myself - MMXIV can be found at bandcamp, free streaming:

If you want to hear more from Daniel Dante´s other project, then check out Madness of the Night.

or Soulgrinder

Lithos Sarcophagos at Facebook

27 mars 2014

Still Patient? - Impact (Gothic Rock 2014)

STILL PATIENT? is a Gothic Rock | Dark Rock Band from Germany
Still Patient? was formed in the beginning of 1988 by lead singer Andy Koa and guitarist Th.Kraniny. Their joint love of gothic rock bands such as The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim and The Mission influenced their first steps in music. For a short time bassist Matthias Wolf was also part of the band. In 1990 guitarist Christian Ogrinz joined the band and some of the songs which appeared on their initial demo tape and later on their first album were written. From the beginning the band choose to use a drum machine rather than a live drummer.

Later that year Christian parted company with the band to concentrate on his own projects and M*Beck took over his guitar duties. Hedge Kaluza also joined the ranks on keyboards and Still Patient? played their first live shows (with Deine Lakaien and Das Ich). After a few more live dates were under their belts the band compiled their first demo tape.

In 1992 they signed to Hyperium and the first album "Salamand" was released. This was followed up in 1994 by the second album "Cataclysm" which was also on Hyperium. The band then decided that this was to be the final release for the label.

In 1996 Alice in... signed Still Patient? and published the limited Chameleon EP, however the proposed new studio album never got further than the demo tape stage. The recorded material did eventually see the light of day on the "Nightmare Arrival" album which mainly consisted of some home recordings and exclusive material. The album featured the track "Shadow of the Empire" which was used on the soundtrack of the computer game Battle Isle III - Shadow of the Emperor by Blue Byte. A specially produced video can also be found here.

In the following years Still Patient? appeared on numerous European festivals such as the Wave Gotik Treffen (1996 and 1999), the Sacrosanct Festival in London (1996 and 1997). They toured in Germany with Soul in Isolation and The Tors of Dartmoor and also played some festivals in Italy (Genoa and Rome).

In 1998 Still Patient? started work on their final studio album "Demondive". At this point bassist AX of Minus Men joined the band.

"Demondive" was released in June 1999 by Schwarzrock. The band again played at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig before their last live performance at the end of 1999 on a festival lineup which included Crematory and Saxon among others.

Shortly after that Still Patient? disbanded due to the members different musical expectations. Andy Koa formed the bands Anodyne-29 and Burnsafe, Hedge Kaluza started the project Datasushi and M*Beck joined Boiling Blood. Hedge Kaluza and M*Beck were also guest musicians in the Surround Pop Movie Polyradah by the German electro-band No Comment. This was released on DVD and CD by Echozone/Sony BMG in 2008. They enriched the wavy Enyradah, Floor 122 and the club hit Silver Skulls with the atmosphere of the old Still Patient?

2012 M*Beck, Hedge Kaluza and Andy Koa decided to work on a reunion.

2013 Still Patient? starts with three new Members and rerecorded their Track MASCARA OSIRIS from 1992. A handful of new Songs are written and the Band prepares to be back on stage.

Just before their first appearance on Stage after 14 years, long term member Hedge Kaluza decided to leave the band due lack of time. Jörg, who joined the Band at their reunion as the first time real Drummer in the band history, also left the band.

In Autumn 2013 Still Patient? recorded a 5-Track EP at the Kohlekeller Studio in Germany, wich contains 4 brand new Songs and 1 Song from their first release SALAMAND from 1992.
The EP "Selective Perception" will be released early 2014.


Interview with Still Patient? by Gothtune for Onairtunes.

We have asked the band Still Patient? for permission to upload this video.

Follow Gothtune over Facebook,

24 mars 2014

Gothtune Podcast #23

01 - Gothtune - Jingle
02 - Contre Jour - Paris 2052
03 - Katabazija - Rebro
04 - Lithos Sarcophagos - Strangers
05 - The Exploding Boy - Scared to Death
06 - Still Patient? - Impact
07 - Disjecta Membra - Death by Discotheque
08 - Astari Nite - Contentment
09 - Reptyle - What´s in a Moment
10 - Exponentita - Prisoner of the Painting
11 - Sounds Like Winter - The Dark
12 - Double Echo - Life Inside
13 - NO FLOWERS - Death Will Bring Us Together
14 - Masses - Blind
15 - Somnambulist Red - In a lonely place

8 mars 2014

7 mars 2014

Katabazija - Rebro (Gothic Rock Serbia)

Beyond heaven and divine coexistence, unique view ,
unusual circled issue true the basically dark way,
unconditional by today tendencies that everything
has to be by the established taste. madness of thoughts,
unlikeness of minimalistic machine and totally decaying
irrational state of spirit, poetry of hedonism, bunt of
collapse where the shape is unrecognizable because it's way
ahead of this time... Catacombed by midnight cream,
wisely deep, even magnificent disgusting and beautiful.
Like a bud and petaled flower. With glowing eyes,
manages to establish threshhold of absolute freedom by the
new dark chapter. Absurd and disharmony. At the end of
the experimental way discovers the trail and within,
wave of immortal, roar of silent nook of infinite derangement
and seduce of him who remain silent..


official web http://www.katabazija.com/
Katabazija na FB http://www.facebook.com/katabazija

Miner Recordings na FB https://www.facebook.com/MinerRecords
official web http://www.miner.rs/

Check out an interview we made with Katabazija, at Onairtunes.com

4 mars 2014

Vanity - Sleeping Tears (Pagans Pt. I)

A Church Independent Production

Directed by Giovanni Aloi (TheSponk Studios)

Written by N

Cinematographer & a.d : Andrea Barone
Lighting & grip : Niccolò Corradini
Producer : Marco Putignano
Vfx: Marco Miraglia

Vanity is a name which could suggest a formal and superficial approach rather then real substance. It's a conscious contradiction indeed, 'cause the impact of their sound is deep, bearing the charm of everything that is esoteric and obscure.
Vanity interpret the classic dichotomy between form and substance, suspended between grace and disgrace.

Altough based in Tuscany (Italy), members of Vanity come from different countries and cultures.
N, the singer, was born in Gaza (Palestine); the bass player F. is helvetic, and the country's severe and austere character it's reflected in the way he plays.
F and T -- respectively guitar and drums -- they used to live for a long time away from the blunders of modernity, in a small village on the Tuscan hills.

Vanity's debut album "Occult You" was recorded in complete isolation between December 2011 and February 2012, with help from producer Lorenzo Montanà (Tying Tiffany, TTL).
The album was released in Italy first early 2013, then in summer it got distribution in Europe by Rough Trade, with local promotion, getting enthusiast feedbacks in Germany, Austria, Benelux and even from Russia and Baltics.

It can be said that Vanity are a rock band, mainly 'cause they write songs indeed, with a retro vibe and post-modernist attitude.
It's not wave, it's not metal, it's not indie, but possibly all these things together, developed through the style, the imagination and the sensibility of the band.
The voice, the afterlife choirs and the guitars, sometimes distant and muffled and sometimes brazen, are the distinctive elements that characterize the sound of Vanity.

Vanity's sound is utterly fillled by a ruthless romance, by extreme melodies and by a crude and dark melodrama.
There's definitely something that, instinctively and without compromises, repels or attracts

The album and the lyrics are featured from a never published novel of N, "Occult You", which became the album title.
A private tragedy and drama that blends not only love (the central theme of the album), but also loneliness, anguish, the inevitability of fate and incommunicability.
A frontman from Palestine, bassist from Switzerland, Guitarist and Drummer from Italy. The sound of VANITY is a thrilling and romantic mix of genres including shoegaze, indie, psych and post-punk.
"Occult You" is the band's debut album, released across Europe in May 2013 via Rough Trade/Church Independent.
It was hailed by the critics and the press as one of the most interesting and international italian album of the year.
Another important aspect are the music videos produced by the band, an integral part of their imaginary, hosted, among other by NME, Rolling Stone and Tape.tv, as well as the publication in the major European webzine.


1 mars 2014

Ascetic – Self Initiation

Ascetic is from Melbourne, Australia. But on their Facebook page they say their current location is Berlin. However, their album Self Initiation was released 4th of March 2013 by OSCL Records.

Ascetic describe themselves as Bloom gloom, or this is what they write inside their biography “Drawn from a collective obsession with fringe philosophy and post-new-age consciousness, Self Initiation evokes the moods & spaces of 4AD’s early roster (Swans, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins), with a nod to contemporaries The Soft Moon, Factory Floor & Portishead’s ‘Third’.

For me this feels very much 80´s and I think their sound reminds very much of Joy Division, sometimes early The Cure. Self Initiation is a record that growing for each time I have listen to it, and I have now played it for more than 20 times in my car and at my home. Their songs got a high standard from the beginning til the end, the sound is like I said, very 80´s, gloomy and foggy sound-stage. They got kind of lay back attitude in which they succeeded with. I think this record somehow reminds of Night Sins, but Night Sins played a more traditional Gothic Rock and Ascetic is more into Post-Punk. Both of those two band went last year back to the roots to archive it for today’s generation. I give it a big recommendation, check them out.

This review can be found at Dark Reviews.

28 feb. 2014

The Exploding Boy - Dark City (pt.II)

Video directed by Johan Edlund & Ioanna Lampropoulou
Track taken from the album "Four" (2013)
Drakkar Entertainment GmbH / Ad Inexplorata 2013

Johan - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Stefan - Vocals/Electric Guitar
Les - Lead Guitar
Nick - Keyboards


26 feb. 2014

Astari Nite - Pyramids (video)

Astari Nite is a band with a collage of New Wave, Darkwave, and Indie sounds from Miami FL.

Formed in 2008, the group consists of Mychael Ghost (lead vocals), Illia Tulloch (Drums), Michael Setton (Guitar), and M. Sallons (Bass).

Astari Nite has headlined numerous shows, as well as opened up for many national acts such as ColdCave, Stars, Assemblage 23, Modern English, Andy Rourke of The Smiths, Apoptygma Berzerk and Surfer Blood among many others.

Since forming they have put out three releases; their self titled Astari Nite (2010), Requiem Mass (2011) and their latest release Stereo Waltz featuring the singles Pyramids and I.O. 1987. Both of which can be downloaded at officialastarinite.bandcamp.com.


25 feb. 2014

Madness of the Night´s video She is the Demon on Gothtune TV

Spotify link,

Digital download direct from the label,

Join us at Facebook,


Biography - The Asgarda

At first glance Madness Of The Night may appear as just another Gothrock/Metal Duo. Here Guitarist Daniel Dante as the creative head, there singer Abir Blackshadow -- so far, so normal! But on closer inspection one can see two culturally different people who nonetheless - or just because of that -- complement each other perfectly.

Daniel from Sweden, deeply rooted in 80s Metal met Abir from Beirut, Lebanon, through the Internet. Their shared love for Gothic and Darkwave Bands such as Sisters Of Mercy, Dead Can Dance or The Cult eventually led to forming Madness Of The Night in 2011."The Asgarda", their debut album, goes way beyond being the satisfying musical offspring of their collaboration. It is also the intimate soundtrack of singer Abir holding on in times of hostilities and oppression. The attempt of leading the self-confident life of a woman within the confined space of an arabian metropolis. A city that on the outside seems modern und open-minded but underneath its surface still shows a constrictive and repressive face, especially towards women."The Asgarada" represents and reveals all these pent-up emotions and suppressed aggressions in a very intense way. This musical expression of pain, helplessness and the rage evoked by intolerance and acts of violence grabs the listener instantly - simply because of it's authentic nature. Nowadays Abir and Daniel are married with two children and live in Sweden, far away from big city madness.

Andy Horn (Mortal Love, Darkseed, Edenbridge) created the album's tight and oomphy sound. It's easy to tell with each note and every beat how much he enjoyed the entire mixing process, harking back to the diverse stylistic devices of the hey-days of Gothrock - the 80s.

22 feb. 2014

Antonius Rex – Hystero Demonopathy

I heard Antonius Rex´s album Hystero Demonopathy by a chance when I was surfing over youtube. However, it felt like I have heard this before. And when I checked them out I found out that behind Antonius Rex is Antonio Bartoccetti, he has another project under the name Jacula. And Jacula released their first album 1969.

I got stuck into this album, I have listen on it with repeat in the past week. It felt like I found the holy grail, a lost treasure. This is fantastic!

Hystero Demonopathy was official released 2012-12-12. This is gothic progressive rock, very dark and evil with a blend of humor. It is mainly instrumental, sometimes there is speaking whispering vocals and sometimes samples, I guess from old movies.

I can find so much things inside this record, I do not know if it is influences or who influence who here. Antonio Bartoccetti have somehow kept his style since the old time Jacula. But I felt much reminding of Devil Doll, even Laibach, Sopor Aeternus and Madre Del Vizio sometimes. There is of course progressive rock, sometimes with a blend of 70´s jazz touch, but also neofolk, metal, classic music ect. Antonius Rex have succeeded here to build up an atmosphere where you can picture a story from the beginning of this record til the end. The story feels very much medieval, and I guess there is a witch hunt by knights. Some moments they really succeeded to build up a hunting atmosphere. I really jumped on my chair when I heard samplings with my Swedish native language. “Du är så snäll mot mig”, that means “You are so kind to me”. I need to figure it out from where Antonius Rex have took this sentences from.

You should give this album a chance, and listen to it in a relaxing moment because this is music that brings a vision of a story, and there is not a happy ending in this one.


This article can also be found at Dark Reviews

20 feb. 2014

The Nine Tears - Black Heart (Gothtune TV)

Black Heart is a Koure Nero cover of Gerardo Konte
The Nine Tears are:
Michele Perrella - Vocals and keyboards
Gerardo Konte - Cyber manipulator, backing vocals
Carlo Baldini - Bass
Gene Crazed - Guitars

Mix and mastering by Carlo Baldini
The Holy Hour Records 2012

The musical project The Nine Tears was born in June 2011 from the mind of Michele Perrella, who decided to give shape and substance to his solo compositions. Great friend and manager of Gene Crazed, the first one-man band Italian rockabilly, he offers to him to play the guitars in their songs, confident in his musical experience, result of years spent on Italian and international stages and of a remarkable musical culture. The agreement turns out to be good when their first song, Killing Time, realized as The Nine Tears, immediately gets many positive responses from fans of the genre, experts in the field and another one-man band, Carlo Baldini, creator of the darkwave project My Terminal And The Trip. Impressed by the creativity and flexibility demonstrated by his compositional and instrumental solo project, Michael invites him to play bass in the Nine Tears. Carlo accepts and the arrangement proves successful with him, his bass lines matches perfectly with the sound path taken by the duo, which from that point officially became a trio. The band starts immediately to work to make his first EP to be released within the month of October for The Holy Hour Records. The band, in early 2012, it instantly goes to work to record his first full length and "engages" the musician and remixer Gerardo Konte. With his support participate at the Gothic Room 2012 and start to realize the single ERMOY anticipating the release of Candid shade of pleasure.


Interview with The Nine Tears (by Dj Valhalla, Gothtune)
interview link

Following Gothtune over Facebook,
Gothtune facebookpage

19 feb. 2014

Gothtune Podcast #22 (mixcloud)

Gothtune podcast-22 - 201401 by Gothtune on Mixcloud

01 - Gothtune - Jingle
02 - Night Sins - Air Dance
03 - Liquid Grey - Darkest Hour
04 - Johnathan-Christian - I Walk This Earth
05 - Madness of the Night - We are the Gothrocker´s and we Don´t Care (Chamber Mix)
06 - The Silence Industry - brother sing, sister shout (we are all migrants)
07 - Corpus Principium - Lacrima Della Notte
08 - The Eden House - First We Take Manhattan
09 - Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows - The Conqueror Worm
10 - Haflingerallergie - Slow
11 - Final Rites - Whisper Louder (demo)
12 - Our Ceasing Voice - What Used To Be A Battle Song
13 - Useless Words of Sasha Grey - Посты умерших
14 - Scent Of Misery - Scent of Misery

2 feb. 2014

Lithos Sarcophagos - Myself

Lithos Sarcophagos is a one man project by Daniel Dante. He is a member of the swedish Gothic Rock band Madness of the Night and an ex member of Soulgrinder.

Lithos Sarcophagos started 2013 with the idea to make something more dark, traditional Gothic Rock with a blend of Black/Doom Metal. 26 of Januari 2014 there was the first release, the ep Myself - MMXIV.


25 jan. 2014

Gothtune Podcast #22


Night Sins - Air Dance
Liquid Grey - Darkest Hour
Johnathan-Christian - I Walk This Earth
Madness of the Night - We are the Gothrocker´s and we Don´t Care (Chamber Mix)
The Silence Industry - brother sing, sister shout (we are all migrants)
Corpus Principium - Lacrima Della Notte
The Eden House - First We Take Manhattan
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows - The Conqueror Worm
Haflingerallergie - Slow
Final Rites - Whisper Louder (demo)
Our Ceasing Voice - What Used To Be A Battle Song
Useless Words of Sasha Grey - Посты умерших
Scent Of Misery - Scent of Misery

Listen to Gothtune here

24 jan. 2014

REVIEW: Corpus Principium - Blessings of Death


Are you into occultism or something different? Then you should check out Corpus Principium´s album Blessings Of Death. This is a one man based band from Miami, Florida with the front person Marquis.

Marquis find his inspiration in his practition of Austin osman Spare´s system of magic, "via enacting change through chaos energies and the subconscious desires of man." Marquis also got a background in other bands like Elegy of Madeline, In Nomine Choronzon, Grauen Pestanz and Black Funeral. Corpus Principium record Blessings Of Death is Marquis latest work, 13 tracks plus a bonus track remixed by Dj Kitty Lectro.

Marquis told me in an interview that he see his music as an art performance and within his live shows he stage some rituals for the audience. The music is different and very special.

This is not commercial, I see it more as art from an artist who want to deliver something more than just a song. If I would compare it to something, I think I would say a more electronic version of old Sopor Aeternus, but more modern gothic rock / darkwave, sometimes a touch of Madre Del Vizio which is one of my all time favorite bands.

My tip to you is to listen to this record some times, this kind of music is growing and there are some really great treasures here. This kind of record is something you can put now and then, again and again for a very long time. It is timeless and those albums wins my heart in the end. My favorite tracks on the album are, Eternal Sleep, Masquerade of Tears, Languish and Squander Not Thy Days.

01 - Discourse with Heaven
02 - Blessings of Death
03 - Eternal Sleep
04 - Poisoned Angels
05 - Necrologia
06 - The Mist in the Stone
07 - Masquerade of Tears
08 - Full Moon Flesh
09 - Misfortunes (Asylum Party)
10 - The Form of Wings
11 - Lacrima Della Notte
12 - Languish
13 - Squander Not Thy Days
14 - Masquerade Of Tears (Kitty Lectro Remix)

Facebook Youtube

Also, read the interview we made with Corpus Principium

22 jan. 2014

Night Sins – To London Or The Lake

Night Sins album “To London Or The Lake” was released 10th of December 2013 at Avant! Records. This is a record label from Italy that release vinyl LP´s, kind of old school. However, Night Sins is old school, like the other band Horror Vacui I reviewed before at the same label.

Night Sins is from Philadelphia, USA and in their description they are compared with “The Sisters of Mercy and Clan of Xymox with enough hints of The Mission“. London Or The Lake is their second album and the songwriter Kyle Kimball himself, talking about this album, says: “The record is lyrically about longing and musically I tried to write the soundtrack to The Lost Boys movie if it came out in 2013”.

First time I listen to this record I felt a wow factor at the same time I felt kind of disturb of the production. BUT, it did not take too long time before I understood and guessed this is how they wanted it. This record really take you back to the 80´s, even the sounds of their keyboards ect. And after I listen to this album for more than 10 times this feeling went away and made this to one of my top-10 album of 2013. This record brings a very high level and standard of songs made in a very professional performance. Avant! Records have succeeded ones again, first they took me with Horror Vacui and now Night Sins. If you are interested in traditional Gothic rock / Dark wave, buy this record. You can find it as digital mp3 if you trashed your old vinyl record player.

Avant! Records Facebook

12 jan. 2014

Dark Reviews

Dark Reviews got a new page. We will still publish most of the reviews here too, but this page will be a clean page with only reviews.

10 jan. 2014

REVIEW: Our Ceasing Voice - That Day Last November

This is a band from Innsbruck / Wien playing some kind of ambient, post rock and shoegaze according to their biography. "That Day Last November" is their second album, released in the beginning of 2013.

If I would describe this bands sound I would say it is a mix between Pink Floyd and My Dying Bride with a touch of Fields Of The Nephilim. Their music is dark and it switches between soft, calm to more heavy. The same goes with the vocals, soft thick voice to nearly grimecore.

The first songs that waked me up for this band was "Until Your chest Explodes" and "One Of These Nights". But after listen to the record several times I think my favorite song is "What Used To Be A Battle Song". But, overall everything is great. This band succeeded to make me touched, you know this nice shivering feeling when you hear something dark and gloomy that makes you happy and you start to smile. That is emotional.


5 jan. 2014

REVIEW: Beastmilk - Climax

Beastmilk from Finland released their cd Climax, 29 of November this year. They play post-punk, described in their biography as a gloomier Joy Division, a medicated Killing Joke with a lush layering of Peter Murphy.

Their cd is mostly intensive and I feel much influence from the 60´s rockabilly sound, but with a modern attitude of post-punk and sometimes foggy heavy guitars. I love the drive in the drums and Kvohst voice is kind of unique too. Most of the songs got very professional structure and their song Genocidal Crush has a very big hit potential. The most of the songs goes straight forward but there are two tracks who are slower, Ghosts Out Of Focus and the last song Stange Attractors.

For me, this is a great release with a professional sound. It is a band that would be interesting to see live. I think it could be a very mixed audience, from rockabilly's to dressed up dark goths. To be honest, this record became number five on my top ten releases of 2013.