5 jan. 2014

REVIEW: Beastmilk - Climax

Beastmilk from Finland released their cd Climax, 29 of November this year. They play post-punk, described in their biography as a gloomier Joy Division, a medicated Killing Joke with a lush layering of Peter Murphy.

Their cd is mostly intensive and I feel much influence from the 60´s rockabilly sound, but with a modern attitude of post-punk and sometimes foggy heavy guitars. I love the drive in the drums and Kvohst voice is kind of unique too. Most of the songs got very professional structure and their song Genocidal Crush has a very big hit potential. The most of the songs goes straight forward but there are two tracks who are slower, Ghosts Out Of Focus and the last song Stange Attractors.

For me, this is a great release with a professional sound. It is a band that would be interesting to see live. I think it could be a very mixed audience, from rockabilly's to dressed up dark goths. To be honest, this record became number five on my top ten releases of 2013.


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