24 jan. 2014

REVIEW: Corpus Principium - Blessings of Death


Are you into occultism or something different? Then you should check out Corpus Principium´s album Blessings Of Death. This is a one man based band from Miami, Florida with the front person Marquis.

Marquis find his inspiration in his practition of Austin osman Spare´s system of magic, "via enacting change through chaos energies and the subconscious desires of man." Marquis also got a background in other bands like Elegy of Madeline, In Nomine Choronzon, Grauen Pestanz and Black Funeral. Corpus Principium record Blessings Of Death is Marquis latest work, 13 tracks plus a bonus track remixed by Dj Kitty Lectro.

Marquis told me in an interview that he see his music as an art performance and within his live shows he stage some rituals for the audience. The music is different and very special.

This is not commercial, I see it more as art from an artist who want to deliver something more than just a song. If I would compare it to something, I think I would say a more electronic version of old Sopor Aeternus, but more modern gothic rock / darkwave, sometimes a touch of Madre Del Vizio which is one of my all time favorite bands.

My tip to you is to listen to this record some times, this kind of music is growing and there are some really great treasures here. This kind of record is something you can put now and then, again and again for a very long time. It is timeless and those albums wins my heart in the end. My favorite tracks on the album are, Eternal Sleep, Masquerade of Tears, Languish and Squander Not Thy Days.

01 - Discourse with Heaven
02 - Blessings of Death
03 - Eternal Sleep
04 - Poisoned Angels
05 - Necrologia
06 - The Mist in the Stone
07 - Masquerade of Tears
08 - Full Moon Flesh
09 - Misfortunes (Asylum Party)
10 - The Form of Wings
11 - Lacrima Della Notte
12 - Languish
13 - Squander Not Thy Days
14 - Masquerade Of Tears (Kitty Lectro Remix)

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Also, read the interview we made with Corpus Principium

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