10 jan. 2014

REVIEW: Our Ceasing Voice - That Day Last November

This is a band from Innsbruck / Wien playing some kind of ambient, post rock and shoegaze according to their biography. "That Day Last November" is their second album, released in the beginning of 2013.

If I would describe this bands sound I would say it is a mix between Pink Floyd and My Dying Bride with a touch of Fields Of The Nephilim. Their music is dark and it switches between soft, calm to more heavy. The same goes with the vocals, soft thick voice to nearly grimecore.

The first songs that waked me up for this band was "Until Your chest Explodes" and "One Of These Nights". But after listen to the record several times I think my favorite song is "What Used To Be A Battle Song". But, overall everything is great. This band succeeded to make me touched, you know this nice shivering feeling when you hear something dark and gloomy that makes you happy and you start to smile. That is emotional.


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