20 feb. 2014

The Nine Tears - Black Heart (Gothtune TV)

Black Heart is a Koure Nero cover of Gerardo Konte
The Nine Tears are:
Michele Perrella - Vocals and keyboards
Gerardo Konte - Cyber manipulator, backing vocals
Carlo Baldini - Bass
Gene Crazed - Guitars

Mix and mastering by Carlo Baldini
The Holy Hour Records 2012

The musical project The Nine Tears was born in June 2011 from the mind of Michele Perrella, who decided to give shape and substance to his solo compositions. Great friend and manager of Gene Crazed, the first one-man band Italian rockabilly, he offers to him to play the guitars in their songs, confident in his musical experience, result of years spent on Italian and international stages and of a remarkable musical culture. The agreement turns out to be good when their first song, Killing Time, realized as The Nine Tears, immediately gets many positive responses from fans of the genre, experts in the field and another one-man band, Carlo Baldini, creator of the darkwave project My Terminal And The Trip. Impressed by the creativity and flexibility demonstrated by his compositional and instrumental solo project, Michael invites him to play bass in the Nine Tears. Carlo accepts and the arrangement proves successful with him, his bass lines matches perfectly with the sound path taken by the duo, which from that point officially became a trio. The band starts immediately to work to make his first EP to be released within the month of October for The Holy Hour Records. The band, in early 2012, it instantly goes to work to record his first full length and "engages" the musician and remixer Gerardo Konte. With his support participate at the Gothic Room 2012 and start to realize the single ERMOY anticipating the release of Candid shade of pleasure.


Interview with The Nine Tears (by Dj Valhalla, Gothtune)
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