19 apr. 2014

Carnival Star - Black Rain Down

With guest lead guitar and backing vocal from Liquid Grey, who adds some real depth and darkness to the overall sound of the track, Carnival Star's "Black Rain Down" is one of the first two releases from Halloween 2013

Released 31 October 2013
Written and Recorded by Carnival Star.
Music and Vocal - ProducerMark.
Lead Guitar and Backing Vocal - Liquid Grey.

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"Black Rain Down gives a respectful nod to the point where post-punk and goth were at its peak, replete with 21st Century polish and drive.
Reminiscent of The Nephilim before they became The Nefilim and The Cult before they became The Rolling Stones."
- DJ Cruel Britannia

"A song that's got the gothic sound down to a tee, from the intro of hushed vocal before it bursts into an impressive little rock number. An excellent song! Overall, these are two very good songs and if you like HIM, The Mission or the afore mentioned Sisters Of Mercy you will like Carnival Star"
- Mark Sharpley - Fourculture Magazine

Release Artwork by Natassa D. from her "Distortion" collection.


Why did you say that the way was clear,
And tell me tales that would well the tears.
When the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Why did you want me to lie and steal,
To take your place on your Catherine Wheel.
When the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Down Down Down Down Down Down,
No No No No No I don't wanna know.

See them drowning,
False Kings they're crowning,
In their black rain - Black Rain Down.

When they said they were taller than god,
Did they know it was written in blood.
In the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Damn the dark pain,
Bring the heart shame,
In the black rain - Black Rain Down.

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