25 apr. 2012

Paris is Burning, Live i Norrköping 28 april.

Lördagen den 28 april spelar Paris is Burning på Blå Huset, Sjötullsgatan 3, Norrköping.

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Paris is Burning´s hemsida

13 apr. 2012

Tangled - Die Laughing

Tanged is the first new single from Die Laughing in 13 years. Reformed in 2012 to celebrate their 20th anniversary the band will be releasing further new material and playing live shows. Download 'Tangled' for free at http://dielaughingofficial.com

1 apr. 2012

Gloom Cookies Episode Two April.

Madre Del Vizio: Senza Te

Madre Del Vizio: Senza Te by Cathedral Music Group

taken from the album: Amare L'Amore

Steampunk Revolution - Abney Park

Steampunk Revolution is the opening track of the new Abney Park album, The Ancient World, on sale 06.02.2012.

ABNEY PARK talk STEAMPUNK, Whitby Goth Weekend and the weather up north as our dauntless Sean from Dominion caught up with those gallant Airship Pirates amidst the fun & frolics that is Whitby Goth Weekend!