7 mars 2014

Katabazija - Rebro (Gothic Rock Serbia)

Beyond heaven and divine coexistence, unique view ,
unusual circled issue true the basically dark way,
unconditional by today tendencies that everything
has to be by the established taste. madness of thoughts,
unlikeness of minimalistic machine and totally decaying
irrational state of spirit, poetry of hedonism, bunt of
collapse where the shape is unrecognizable because it's way
ahead of this time... Catacombed by midnight cream,
wisely deep, even magnificent disgusting and beautiful.
Like a bud and petaled flower. With glowing eyes,
manages to establish threshhold of absolute freedom by the
new dark chapter. Absurd and disharmony. At the end of
the experimental way discovers the trail and within,
wave of immortal, roar of silent nook of infinite derangement
and seduce of him who remain silent..


official web http://www.katabazija.com/
Katabazija na FB http://www.facebook.com/katabazija

Miner Recordings na FB https://www.facebook.com/MinerRecords
official web http://www.miner.rs/

Check out an interview we made with Katabazija, at Onairtunes.com

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