6 apr. 2014

Opera Multi Steel – Apparences De L’Invisible (2014)

Opera Multi Steel is a band from France who recently had their 30 year anniversary as a band. Honestly, this is something new for me, first time I heard them was for some months ago when I played one of their track “mauvais Oeil” over Gothtune Podcast #20, taken from their album “Mélancolie En Prose” 2013.

However, I listen to their new album Apparences De L’Invisible, released 31 of mars 2014 and found it very interesting. I gave it some time, and I think I needed it because they are kind of different. They describe themselves as Darkwave / Cold Wave, I think I can find some Neofolk and New Wave inside this too. Sometimes they reminded me as a blend of old Dead Can Dance and Joy Division. The lyrics are on french and they play alot with their voices, like doing canons ect.

My favorite songs are track 3, “A L’Extrême Veille D’Un Novembre Imminent” and track 7, “Infini Sidéral”.

This video "Jardin Botanique" is from 1984,


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