3 dec. 2014

The Horror Vacui – Return of the Empire

Horror Vacui released their second full album, “Return of the Empire” in october 2014. It is a very good continuing of their debute “In Darkness You Will Feel Alright”, that came out 2012.

This album feels a bit more punk-rock / hardcore attitude, but still got a gothic rock style. The most of the songs goes very fast forward, “till the Last Drop” is kind of slower. They have succeded in to bring up the production and sound quality, but still kept their punkrock attitude.

As I said, this is a great second album and I think everyone who liked their first album should check this out. If you found Horror Vacui by this release, then check out their first album.
This is an album that also getting better and better each time I listen on it.

I like the most of the songs, can´t really tell what is my favorite but I think “Light of Darkness” is kind of outstanding and different from the other tracks on this album. Great album, recommend!

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