22 nov. 2014

El Clan – Caronte

This album is awesome, I guess this can be one of my favorite albums this year.
El Clan is from Mexico and they are not newbie within the gothic scene. Their first album release were back in 1994 and in 2009 another album were reviewed by the Rolling Stone Magazine Mexico as one of the top 10 best in Latin America.

I have heard them before, actually played a song on our show Gothtune. What I felt speciall with the band is that they have some kind of unpredicted crazy genes inside their music.
The new album Caronte released in november 2014 has a great produced sound and very well preformed. They still got their style, unpredicted. It is kind of a blend between gothic rock and something progressive. You find a bit of everything, from Lacrimossa to Devil Doll and Fields of the Nephilim and Heroes del Silencio. And that describsion, include madness.

Some songs are written in spanish / latin and sometimes they sing in english. I do not pick any favorite songs from this album, I think everything sounds great. Enjoy!

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