14 juni 2014

Carnival Star – Era Sessions EP

Era Sessions EP is Carnival Stars second release, and behind this project or band is ProducerMark from Scottland. The idea behind Carnival Star is to cooperate with other bands and musicians around the world. ProducerMark is the person, like the spider in the web who produce and write the music and connect the songs with the people out there. Some of the guitars on this album is played by Liquid Grey and bas Cruel Britannia.

Era Sessions EP is a tribute to bands from the past, it is a record filled with five different covers and finally a remix by Cruel Britannia of Union City Blue (Blondie). On this EP we can find ProducerMark and five different personalities around the world, contribute by singing and playing.

Union City Blue by Blondie, now vocals by Allegra Lusini from Italy.
Velveteen by Rose Of Avalanche, ProducerMark sings on this one.
Walk Away by Sisters Of Mercy, now vocals by Liquid Grey from Norway.
The Drowning Man by The Cure, now vocals by Zach Wiser who is a member of The Secret Post.
What Difference Does It Make by The Smiths, now vocals by Captain T from The Sovran.

It is a nice production of classical songs in a new package. I think this is something that everyone should check out. My favorite songs here are Velveteen and The Drowning Man.

And, don´t forget to check out Carnival Stars single, with My Coreen and Black Rain Down. Released in the end of 2013.

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