29 aug. 2014

Gothtune Podcast #27

Gothtune Podcast #27 can now be found and listen to over itunes. You can also listen to it at onairtunes.com.

Para Bellvm - Убейте Цезаря (Kill the Caesar)
Cinemascope - Sounds of Revelation
Digital Morning - Wanderers Will Wander
Johnathan Christian - Goodbye Horses
Carnival Star - The Drowning Man (The Cure Cover) Vocals Zach Wiser
Aurelio Voltaire - Raised By Bats
Umbra Et Imago - Radiosong
The Nine Tears - Age Sex Place
Deine Lakaien - Farewell
The Nightchild - Im Not Afraid of This
The Danse Society - Message in the Wind
Soviet X-Ray Record Club - Never Enough
Tyburn Saints - With the Night in Our Eyes
dIRECT ATTACK - Amazing Grace

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