18 maj 2014

Video: Carnival Star - Velveteen

Taken from the "Era Sessions EP" - Velveteen is one of five covers featuring 5 bands and 5 albums from the late 70's and early 80's.

The EP features vocalists and musicians from various countries. Released as a tribute to those bands and musicians who remain a strong influence in the music of others around the world.


"Just heard Carnival Star's cover of one of my old songs. At first I thought it was the fucking original..."

"Carnival Star's version of Velveteen evoked an epoch of good memories that I had almost forgotten... The song was born from one of my simple chord sequence that was meant to go round and round and hypnotise the listener. Live it grew to become a real corker!
Cheers Carnival Star for the trip!"

Paul James Berry 2014
Founder & Guitarist - The Rose of Avalanche




The "Era Sessions EP" was recorded in various countries around the world with various musicians taking part during a five month period.

Scotland, England, Italy, Norway & USA to be exact.

The original concept behind recording these covers was simply for entertainment and to take a break from the recording and writing of the original album material for future release.

However, it soon became clear that the fun was producing some interesting results and that these tracks should go out for free as a tribute to the bands that many of us in Carnival Star regard as influences and inspirations to all of our music.

Staying true to the arrangements of the originals, our aim was to simply take the tracks and produce an EP that we enjoyed making and performing.
released 11 May 2014
Recorded in Scotland, England, Italy, Norway & USA

Union City Blue (Blondie Cover) - Vocals Allegra Lusini - Written by Nigel Harrison / Debbie Harry
Velveteen (Rose of Avalanche Cover) - Vocals ProducerMark - Written by Paul J. Berry / Glenn Schultz / Philip Morris
Walk Away (Sisters of Mercy Cover) - Vocals Liquid Grey - Written by Andrew Eldritch / Wayne Hussey
The Drowning Man (The Cure Cover) - Vocals Zach Wiser (The Secret Post) - Written by Laurence Tolhurst / Robert Smith / Simon Gallup
What Difference Does It Make (The Smiths Cover) - Vocals Captain T (The Sovran) - Written by Johnny Marr / Morrissey

Bonus Track - UCB Cruel Brit Mix - Vocals Allegra Lusini - Written by Nigel Harrison / Debbie Harry - Re-mixed by Cruel Britannia

Music recorded and performed by ProducerMark
Co-produced by Liquid Grey
Remote Engineered by Cruel Britannia
Vocals recorded on location by the performers

Additional Guitars Liquid Grey
Bass Guitar Cruel Britannia

Artwork - A Self Portrait - original art by Natassa Dialisma /Greece

Special thanks to all those who took part and also to those who didn't but played a vital part : Daniel Dante (Madness of the Night) - Paul B Blues (OnAir Tunes) - Ann Marie Papanagnostou (Fourculture) - Marc Joy (Ear to Ear Records) - Vru Patel (Solarein) - Shauna McLarnon (Ummagma)

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