1 okt. 2015

Still Patient? - Shape Shifters

Still Patient? have released a new full album, and yes this sounds like a great comeback. This band from Germany were a big band with international success in the 90´s. If you like pure Gothic Rock with a blend of metal, you should try this out.

6 apr. 2015

This Grey City – This Grey City

This Grey City is a french band, on their biography it said they play New Wave / Post-Punk. 2014 they released their debut album, self- titled with thirteen tracks, a wide range of variety.
I enjoy this album very much and I find inspiration from bands like Joy Division, The Cure and old Clan of Xymox. Something that reflected me, I did not like the first track Bats, so much, maybe thats my taste. However, it was great for me that I did not stop listen, their second track Bela is Alive made me back. Both of this songs felt it was made with a “glint in the eye”, but Bela is Alive had something I was searching for.
Another track I found great is their self- title song, This Grey City. Love the drums and the atmosphere. Over all, for me This Grey City is a great album, I have my favorites, Bela is Alive and This Grey City. Abducted is really cool too, especially the chorus and Machines, much Sisterhood feeling, Strange Part of Me great too.
Another great thing with this album is the variation. They cover a wide range of different sounds and that make it interesting, not boring. I am looking forward to hear more from This Grey City.

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4 apr. 2015

Der Himmel über Berlin – Shadowdancers

Shadowdancers is Der Himmel über Berlin second studio album, released 2014. The band is from north east of Italy, and in their biography it is said they take inspiration from bands like The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Joy Division.
It is very much guitar- based post-punk with a sound from the 80´s. The album Shadowdancers is very well produced, perfect sound- quality and their songs very well made. I like the drum-sounds, it has kind of a metal/punk feeling.
I think it is hard to pick out some favorite songs, everything is good. Highly recommend this album.

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1 mars 2015

Lithos Sarcophagos - DeadEnd

New release by Lithos Sarcophagos, DeadEnd. At the moment it is free to download at Bandcamp.

15 feb. 2015

Gothtune podcast-29

Gothtune podcast #29 uploaded to mixcloud.com for streaming.

1. Jingle - Gothtune
2. Scars - The Last Dance
3. The Brother - KALT
4. Elise - El Clan
5. Samael - ANKST
6. Our Shrouded King - The House of Capricorn 7. Light of Darkness - The Horror Vacui
8. Hang Them High - Dr. Arthur Krause
9. Dirt - Spider Heart
10. Submit - Black Wolves
11. To The Sky - Cryogenica
12. Trigger - The Court of Sybaris
13. Distant Land - Scofferlane
14. The Akasha Thief - A Ring of Thorns

13 feb. 2015

INTO THE MIST - All Mankind Will Dance Meanwhile (Gothic Rock Italy)

Into The Mist is:

MassAnder - Vocals
SaintAngel – Bass
LilAngel – Guitar

Directed by:
SaintAngel & MassAnder

Camera operators:
Gianni Del Popolo
Luca Marconato

Steadycam operators:
Gianni Del Popolo

Lights and Smoke Effects:
Marco Cirilli

Director of photography:
Michele Ancora

Video Editing:
Gianni Del Popolo

Stream Liquid s.r.l.

Special Effects:
Stream Liquid s.r.l.

Production assistants:
Giovanni Bax
Antonella Moriga

Location assistants:
Antonella Moriga
Roberta Paris

Scouting assistants
DJ Anth Severance
Giovanni Bax

Mislealia Records Production 2014

Buy their albums at:

Check out their youtube channel:

Mislealia record label:

9 feb. 2015

Goths.ru highlight Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum

Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum, is highlighted at Goths.ru, a russian page that cover the dark scene.

The collection contains tracks from 20 groups, which can be seen on channel Gothtune.

Gothtune - this podcast, blog and video channel, which supports groups and projects working in the genres of gothic rock, postpunk, deathrock, steampunk, darkwave, coldwave.

Collection 'Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum' was released on February 7, with the support of OnAir Tunes - platform, which, in addition to Gothtune, includes several independent of such projects.

On release Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum can hear new tracks commands such as Madness of the Night, Lithos Sarcophagos, para bellvm and others.

Acquire and maintain the service release can be Bandcamp: www.onairtunes.bandcamp.com/album/gothtune-de-creatione-et-omnium-rerum-fundraiser

7 feb. 2015

Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum


We are proud to announce our first compilation with 20 bands. Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum
The aim for this compilation is to support, fundraising Onairtunes.com, who host Dead Air Radio where our Gothtune Podcast is aired. Onairtunes is a very important platform for Gothtune and other broadcaster, radios, bands in the independent scene. Check out the compilation at bandcamp.

01 The Last Dance - Thoughtless
02 Para Bellvm - Kill The Caesar
03 Asrai - Ghost
04 The Danse Society - Sound of Silence
05 Horror Vacui - Time
06 Double Eyelid - Black Box
07 The Court of Sybaris - Trigger
08 Lithos Sarcophagos - The Lost Tribe
09 Waterglass - Transcendence
10 KALT - The Mother
11 Arcane Winter - Another Sorrow
12 Carnival Star - Black Rain Down
13 Johnathan Christian - Fallen
14 Midnight Configuration - Inquisition
15 Katabazija - Maldororovo Pevanje
16 Corpus Principium - Scorpio Moon
17 Dominus Mortalis - In The Absence Of God
18 Death Party UK - Hellzapoppin
19 El Clan - Breaking Through
20 Madness of the Night - SWS

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