19 feb. 2013

16 feb. 2013

IKON- Azkadelia

Det australiska bandet Ikon har gjort en video där de använder filmsekvenser från den svensk/danska filmen Häxan från 1922.

Slänger även upp en live- video av Ikon med låten A Line on a Dark Day.

10 feb. 2013

Intervju med Neuro Sentence

Neuro -Sentence is a band from Colorado Springs, USA. They describe themself as playing a mix of BloodWave, Goth, Electro, Industrial. When I contacted them they reply me and told me they are in a very busy time to finishing their full-length record.
How is it going? Do you spend much time in the studio?

Count W- Things are hectic at the moment between live shows and putting the finishing touches on the full length. All of the tracks are already recorded and mixed but we're still in the mastering phase. So at this time we're basically wrapping up the album. The countless hours of hanging out at the studio are behind us for the moment.

- Cold and Dry. Yes, in one way or another both of us spend a lot of time in our individual studios. I prefer my creations to reality…

Will the sound of your coming album be the same as the
E.P. "Victims & Virtues", or do you have any new influence?

Count W- Our influences haven't changed. The new tracks have the same atmosphere surrounding them. We think we've covered quite a bit for a debut release, different song structures, the use of guitars, trying to incorporate all of the different sub genres of goth/industrial etc. The only thing that will be different on the full length is the production quality. It will be better than the Victims and Virtues ep.

- Count W and I have further refined the razors edge, and have come very far from where we started in 2009; being total loners -I mean strangers. The influences are the same musically and lyrically: the majesty of isolation, and the sweet miseries of the individual dwelling in the last epoch of mankind.

Will the new record be under any label?

Count W- It's possible, but at this point in time there's nothing set in stone.

- Know any?

Where do you find your inspiration?

Count W- All things dark, depraved, sinister. The two of us grew up listening to black metal. This plays a very important role when we're composing our music. Capturing the dark atmosphere of black metal and fussing it with timelessness of electro goth music is something that sounds very appealing to us. Hopefully the rest of this scene will feel the same way. We'll have to wait and see.

- Reality and our perception of it, crude as it is considering the flesh and the serving of our neuro-sentence.

Neuro-Sentence started 2009, have you guys been in other bands

- Music has been the only constant in my life besides anhedonia.

You play live; do you have anything-special happenings under your concerts?
Any Tesla fireworks ;)

- We hope to drive the audience to ruin their lives for a single night of ecstasy. Dionysus himself is a session live member, so you can infer the rest… And yes, there is some residual energy from Tesla's workings, which were conducted here in Colorado Springs.

How is the gothic scene in Colorado Spring, or the state of Colorado?

- Too much neon, not enough necromancy.

Is there anything you want to tell the reader?

- “If you believe that I’ve something to conceal, lose yourself in a mirror and see how it feels, when pain and shame are the only common bonds between me and you.” Thank you for your interest DJ Valhalla, Farval... OUR DEBUT ALBUM COMING SOON!


Denna intervju kan även läsas på Onairtunes.com

2 feb. 2013

Gothtune mix 08

En ny podcast som även sänds över Deadair Radio och över Onairtunes.com.

Gothtune mix-08 - 201301 by Gothtune on Mixcloud

01 - Gothtune - Jingle
02 - Asrai - All seems so Hollow
03 - Phosphor - Skull
04 - Saline Grace - The Traps of Time
05 - Ikon - Azkadelia
06 - Madness of the Night - She is the Demon
07 - She Past Away - Rituel
08 - Arcane Winter - Bad Day MA
09 - Anathema - Internal Landscapes
10 - Psylocybia - With the Wolves
11 - Bloody Kiss - Pretty Face
12 - Dismal - The Waltz of Mine
13 - Dark Beauty - Save Yourself

1 feb. 2013