22 jan. 2014

Night Sins – To London Or The Lake

Night Sins album “To London Or The Lake” was released 10th of December 2013 at Avant! Records. This is a record label from Italy that release vinyl LP´s, kind of old school. However, Night Sins is old school, like the other band Horror Vacui I reviewed before at the same label.

Night Sins is from Philadelphia, USA and in their description they are compared with “The Sisters of Mercy and Clan of Xymox with enough hints of The Mission“. London Or The Lake is their second album and the songwriter Kyle Kimball himself, talking about this album, says: “The record is lyrically about longing and musically I tried to write the soundtrack to The Lost Boys movie if it came out in 2013”.

First time I listen to this record I felt a wow factor at the same time I felt kind of disturb of the production. BUT, it did not take too long time before I understood and guessed this is how they wanted it. This record really take you back to the 80´s, even the sounds of their keyboards ect. And after I listen to this album for more than 10 times this feeling went away and made this to one of my top-10 album of 2013. This record brings a very high level and standard of songs made in a very professional performance. Avant! Records have succeeded ones again, first they took me with Horror Vacui and now Night Sins. If you are interested in traditional Gothic rock / Dark wave, buy this record. You can find it as digital mp3 if you trashed your old vinyl record player.

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