9 nov. 2014

Kalt – The Invisible

Kalt is a one- man project by Mike York from Germany, a former member of Garden of Delight. His album The Invisible is the third or forth? released november 2014. The sound of The Invisible give me very much vibes of Love Like Blood´s midtime in the 90´s.

It sounds very good, no bigger hits for the easy listeners. It is much influenses from gothic rock, but the drums have more like a metal sound, and that sounds awesome. Some of the guitars are also more heavier metal-sound, but mostley with a gothic rock theme, great riffs with melodies.

All songs on this album are namned with two sentence, and the first always start with a The, interesting. Some of my favorite songs: The Mother, The Sister, The Brother and The Zombies. And the track, The Life, more a ballad is also awesome.

This kind of albums and music, good produced as this album is rare today. If you are into the german era of the 90´s gothic rock with bands like Love Like Blood, Garden of Delight, Secret Discovery I think this is something you should check out.

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