22 okt. 2014

New video at GothtuneTV: Sister Ex- Pretty Face


“Sugar and spice with very sharp knives” might be an appropriate way to describe the the songs of Claudia Neuman, singer for Sister Ex, a Baltimore- Washington D.C.- based indie punk outfit. Failed Buddhist monks, minimum-wage management wannabes
and abused six year olds are just some of the characters that inhabit the band’s self-titled debut release.

“These lives seem to come out of the air and land on my page” says Neuman, a Los Angeles native and an Anusara Yogi. “ But from my experience these stories ring true, we meet these people every day”.

Sister Ex played their first show in 2008, and became known for their raucous full-out high tempo sonic assault while still receiving raised eyebrows at some punk rock shows.

In 2010, after a few changes in personnel, veteran D.C. area bassist Jeff Wesolowski came on board and drummer Johnny Black joined to complete the current Sister Ex lineup. The
band recorded their self-titled debut release in the winter of 2011.

Sister Ex will be performing select dates on the East Coast throughout the year in support of the record.


The band’s sound has been likened to a mashup of The Clash, Patti Smith and Crazy Horse, with a hint of Gang of Four and the Buffalo Springfield.

“We’re really old-school punk which to me means the ethos of being original, having our own sound, so we would always be the oddball group on some of those bills.” says
Anthony Piazza, the band’s guitarist “We try not to re-stomp that same old ground.”


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