30 apr. 2014

Gothtune Podcast #25

Gothtune Podcast #25 is now up at onairtunes.com


01 - Gothtune - Jingle
02 - The Stompcrash - Bloodnever
03 - Peter Murphy - Hang Up
04 - Opera Multi Steel - A L'Extrême Veille D'Un Novembre Imminent
05 - Lithos Sarcophagos - End Of Time
06 - Ski Patrol - Extinguish
07 - Death Party UK - Bad Moon Rising
08 - Into The Mist - Her Crown Of Thorns
09 - Ascetic - I Burn
10 - La Metamorfosi - Goodbye
11 - Infidel - Crimson (demo)
12 - Temple - We Walk
13 - The Spiritual Bat - So Proud
14 - The Whip Hand - Eleven
15 - dIRECT ATTACK - Mary Had a Vision of the Virgin Mary
16 - The Exploding Boy - Dark City Pt.II
16 - Secret Discovery - Ask Your God

21 apr. 2014

Gothtune Podcast #24 at mixcloud

Gothtune Podcast #24 can now be found at mixcloud.com, where you can stream and embed it ect.

Gothtune podcast-24 - 2014 by Gothtune on Mixcloud

01 - Gothtune - Jingle
02 - Still Patient? - Anavryn II
03 - Abderian - Fall of Taurus
04 - Ascetic - Uroboros (Up From Eden)
05 - Lithos Sarcophagos - The Circle
06 - Foghorn Lonesome - Mariana
07 - Astari Nite - Violently We Try
08 - Order of Isaz - Spirit (Dead Can Dance Cover)
09 - The Webb - Little Pieces
10 - Marqay - West tonight
11 - Madness of the Night - Jävla Zigenare
12 - My Terminal And The Trip - Dreams Hopes And Visions
13 - Laibach - Eurovision
14 - Antonius Rex - Per Viam

19 apr. 2014

Carnival Star - Black Rain Down

With guest lead guitar and backing vocal from Liquid Grey, who adds some real depth and darkness to the overall sound of the track, Carnival Star's "Black Rain Down" is one of the first two releases from Halloween 2013

Released 31 October 2013
Written and Recorded by Carnival Star.
Music and Vocal - ProducerMark.
Lead Guitar and Backing Vocal - Liquid Grey.

Download or Purchase from Bandcamp

Find out more at:

Reverb Nation


"Black Rain Down gives a respectful nod to the point where post-punk and goth were at its peak, replete with 21st Century polish and drive.
Reminiscent of The Nephilim before they became The Nefilim and The Cult before they became The Rolling Stones."
- DJ Cruel Britannia

"A song that's got the gothic sound down to a tee, from the intro of hushed vocal before it bursts into an impressive little rock number. An excellent song! Overall, these are two very good songs and if you like HIM, The Mission or the afore mentioned Sisters Of Mercy you will like Carnival Star"
- Mark Sharpley - Fourculture Magazine

Release Artwork by Natassa D. from her "Distortion" collection.


Why did you say that the way was clear,
And tell me tales that would well the tears.
When the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Why did you want me to lie and steal,
To take your place on your Catherine Wheel.
When the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Down Down Down Down Down Down,
No No No No No I don't wanna know.

See them drowning,
False Kings they're crowning,
In their black rain - Black Rain Down.

When they said they were taller than god,
Did they know it was written in blood.
In the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Damn the dark pain,
Bring the heart shame,
In the black rain - Black Rain Down.

Read an interview we made with Carnival Star over onairtunes.com

12 apr. 2014

Opera Multi Steel - Mauvais Oeil

Official OMS video clip directed by Alan Cassiano (2013)
Based on paintings and engravings by Etienne Azambre (1859-1933) and other french anonymous sulpician painters.
"Mauvais Oeil" is taken from the forthcoming OPERA MULTI STEEL album "Mélancolie en prose to be released on Wave Records.

Review for Opera Multi Steels album Apparences De L'Invisible:

11 apr. 2014

Ascetic: - I Burn

Director/Editing - Jamie Helmer.
D.O.P - Shaun Thatcher
Concept/Art Direction - August Skipper, Saxon Jörgensen, Vijay Sing, Jamie Helmer
Special thanks to Jenny Atwood for her immaculate performance.

Exploring themes of union and dissociation, impossibly forgotten moments, process become form, ASCETIC:


Drawn from a collective obsession with fringe philosophy and post-new-age consciousness, Self Initiation evokes the moods & spaces of 4AD's early roster (Swans, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins), with a nod to contemporaries The Soft Moon, Factory Floor & Portishead's 'Third'. Thick pulsing rhythms erupt into glorious, cascading conclusion; from narcissistic rants, to sickly crooned anthems; from the outer regions of reality to the depths of the subconscious, a white shadow emerging from the process: ASCETIC.
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Birdland by Lindsay Gravina & Rob Long (HTRK, New War, Rowland S. Howard, Hungry Ghosts).
Ascetic: - Self Initiation will be released worldwide through OSCL Records on March 4th, 2013.

6 apr. 2014

Opera Multi Steel – Apparences De L’Invisible (2014)

Opera Multi Steel is a band from France who recently had their 30 year anniversary as a band. Honestly, this is something new for me, first time I heard them was for some months ago when I played one of their track “mauvais Oeil” over Gothtune Podcast #20, taken from their album “Mélancolie En Prose” 2013.

However, I listen to their new album Apparences De L’Invisible, released 31 of mars 2014 and found it very interesting. I gave it some time, and I think I needed it because they are kind of different. They describe themselves as Darkwave / Cold Wave, I think I can find some Neofolk and New Wave inside this too. Sometimes they reminded me as a blend of old Dead Can Dance and Joy Division. The lyrics are on french and they play alot with their voices, like doing canons ect.

My favorite songs are track 3, “A L’Extrême Veille D’Un Novembre Imminent” and track 7, “Infini Sidéral”.

This video "Jardin Botanique" is from 1984,