1 mars 2014

Ascetic – Self Initiation

Ascetic is from Melbourne, Australia. But on their Facebook page they say their current location is Berlin. However, their album Self Initiation was released 4th of March 2013 by OSCL Records.

Ascetic describe themselves as Bloom gloom, or this is what they write inside their biography “Drawn from a collective obsession with fringe philosophy and post-new-age consciousness, Self Initiation evokes the moods & spaces of 4AD’s early roster (Swans, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins), with a nod to contemporaries The Soft Moon, Factory Floor & Portishead’s ‘Third’.

For me this feels very much 80´s and I think their sound reminds very much of Joy Division, sometimes early The Cure. Self Initiation is a record that growing for each time I have listen to it, and I have now played it for more than 20 times in my car and at my home. Their songs got a high standard from the beginning til the end, the sound is like I said, very 80´s, gloomy and foggy sound-stage. They got kind of lay back attitude in which they succeeded with. I think this record somehow reminds of Night Sins, but Night Sins played a more traditional Gothic Rock and Ascetic is more into Post-Punk. Both of those two band went last year back to the roots to archive it for today’s generation. I give it a big recommendation, check them out.

This review can be found at Dark Reviews.

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