13 feb. 2015

INTO THE MIST - All Mankind Will Dance Meanwhile (Gothic Rock Italy)

Into The Mist is:

MassAnder - Vocals
SaintAngel – Bass
LilAngel – Guitar

Directed by:
SaintAngel & MassAnder

Camera operators:
Gianni Del Popolo
Luca Marconato

Steadycam operators:
Gianni Del Popolo

Lights and Smoke Effects:
Marco Cirilli

Director of photography:
Michele Ancora

Video Editing:
Gianni Del Popolo

Stream Liquid s.r.l.

Special Effects:
Stream Liquid s.r.l.

Production assistants:
Giovanni Bax
Antonella Moriga

Location assistants:
Antonella Moriga
Roberta Paris

Scouting assistants
DJ Anth Severance
Giovanni Bax

Mislealia Records Production 2014

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Mislealia record label:

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