9 feb. 2015

Goths.ru highlight Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum

Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum, is highlighted at Goths.ru, a russian page that cover the dark scene.

The collection contains tracks from 20 groups, which can be seen on channel Gothtune.

Gothtune - this podcast, blog and video channel, which supports groups and projects working in the genres of gothic rock, postpunk, deathrock, steampunk, darkwave, coldwave.

Collection 'Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum' was released on February 7, with the support of OnAir Tunes - platform, which, in addition to Gothtune, includes several independent of such projects.

On release Gothtune - De Creatione Et Omnium Rerum can hear new tracks commands such as Madness of the Night, Lithos Sarcophagos, para bellvm and others.

Acquire and maintain the service release can be Bandcamp: www.onairtunes.bandcamp.com/album/gothtune-de-creatione-et-omnium-rerum-fundraiser

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