6 apr. 2015

This Grey City – This Grey City

This Grey City is a french band, on their biography it said they play New Wave / Post-Punk. 2014 they released their debut album, self- titled with thirteen tracks, a wide range of variety.
I enjoy this album very much and I find inspiration from bands like Joy Division, The Cure and old Clan of Xymox. Something that reflected me, I did not like the first track Bats, so much, maybe thats my taste. However, it was great for me that I did not stop listen, their second track Bela is Alive made me back. Both of this songs felt it was made with a “glint in the eye”, but Bela is Alive had something I was searching for.
Another track I found great is their self- title song, This Grey City. Love the drums and the atmosphere. Over all, for me This Grey City is a great album, I have my favorites, Bela is Alive and This Grey City. Abducted is really cool too, especially the chorus and Machines, much Sisterhood feeling, Strange Part of Me great too.
Another great thing with this album is the variation. They cover a wide range of different sounds and that make it interesting, not boring. I am looking forward to hear more from This Grey City.

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