28 nov. 2013

REVIEW: Johnathan Christian - Beautiful Hideous

Johnathan Mooney (music / US) and Christian Granquist (voice / Sweden) started a band / project and came across this little different idea to name this "Johnathan Christian". Johnathan has a background playing keyboard in the band "The New Creatures" and Christian "Day Behavior" and "The Atom". Now they found each others and worked together over the ocean to finish the album "Beautiful Hideous", released 8 of november 2013.

The album is good and interesting, the music groves och and think there are some pieces of art I would like to highlight as "I Walk This Earth Alone" and "The Sweetest Betrayal". I like the symphonic parts most in "Beautiful Hideous" which make me feel Johnathan Christian a bit different. They found their own style and stick out from the mainstream. I hear that they are inspirations from the Dark Wave scene, sometimes the music reminds of Tilo Wolff´s Lacrimosa. In the backgrounds you hear strings and choirs that gets you back to older Italian film music. With knowledge of Johnathan´s background I can understand that many of the songs are written out from piano melodies.

The last parts of the record got two remixes of already played songs, and a cover of Duran Duran´s classical song The Chauffeur. Sounds like they made it their own version maybe with inspiration of the Slovenian band Laibach, even the speak singing.

"Beautiful Hideous" is a good debut album and an interesting project I like to follow up more in the future. I hope they keep their style, especially with those symphonic part.

Johnathan Christian´s Facebook page

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