22 maj 2016

CODENAME : LOLA - New Dark Age

Released especially to mark the arrival of WORLD GOTH DAY in 2016, 'NEW DARK AGE' is a rarely heard, rarely covered but much loved & catchy-as-hell song by legendary post punk band The Sound.

This is a gesture to say THANK YOU for all your wholehearted and worldwide support for World Goth Day. It simply could not exist without you. it's entirely free to download. Play it to your friends, share the link, Like the video on Youtube, whatever you choose is cool.

This release is both a labour of love and a fitting contribution to the ever-growing phenomenon that is World Goth Day, an event that has grown from nothing but embraced by so many all over the globe.

'New Dark Age' was written by the late frontman/singer-songwriter Adrian Borland. The original track can be found on The Sound's 1981 album 'From The Lion's Mouth'. And if the good, honest 1980s post punk guitar sound is your thing, then it's also worth your while checking out the rest of their back catalogue too. Just saying.
releases May 22, 2016
Written by Adrian Borland.
Lee M: the programming
Mark D: the vocals and guitar

Recorded, produced & mastered by CODENAME : LOLA


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