15 dec. 2013

REVIEW: Lost In Kiev – Motions

I became stuck in Lost In Kiev´s album Motions from my first listening. It brought me memories back to the end of 90´s when I frequently listen to the Swedish project Morte Macabre superb album Symphony Holocaust. Dark and progressive rock. Just press play and relax to this very emotional and sometimes intensive record Motion.

Lost in Kiev is a 5 pieces band from Paris who right now searching for guitarists. Their music is very guitar based and they also work with samples. The album can nearly been seen as an instrumental album. The main part is instrumental, but they have partly added speaking monologs and in the second track ”A Mere Shift Of Origin” there is a dialog between a man and a women, kind of different. Then later on, in the last track ”The Day I Ruined My Life” everything turns out with a grime core screaming which fit perfect as a catharsis for this record.

I can highly recommend this record to people who are into darker guitar based progressive rock. Motion is filled with very much emotion. If you have heard Morte Macabre you probably will like this too. The big difference between those bands might be that Lost In Kiev is more straight forward when Morte Macabre sometimes pulled off more and became more crazy.

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