11 okt. 2013

Aeon Sable - Dancefloor Satellite

This video was produced in October 2012 in Hong Kong by
Director: Strahd Tang and Hoyin Chan
Pruduction: Fat Ball and Dennis Fung
Artists: Angelica Hung, Din-Tah Aeon and Nino
A special thanks goes to Diane for managing everything.

Din-Tah Aeon and n1n0, already enriching the 'dark side of music' with other projects in the past, are now on the road with a self-produced, 40 minutes-set, tied on the atmosphere of Fields of the Nephilim or The Sisters of Mercy, revamping it into a modern style.

The album "per aspera ad astra" not only shines with unique sound and sophisticated tracks, but also inebriates the attentive listenes with extraordinary audioeffects. The likewise self designed artwork is enriched with drawings from the also german industrial artist ghostfog. Let yourself be absorbed into the world of Aeon Sable.
Long enough Aeon Sable have waited for the star to shine. The debut from the german duo is entitled "Per aspera ad astra" and delivers a very individual interpretation of Goth-Rock.


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